Supplier Registry

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The Impartx Supplier Registry allows you to manage the process of on-boarding new Suppliers and to make the best use of the supplier base you already have.   Every successful business levers its suppliers to gain a competitive advantage.   To achieve this your key suppliers must be capable of committing to the same quality standards and delivery timelines that you are.  And you need to be sure that everyone in your organisation engages with your suppliers on the same terms.  

Our Supplier Registry portal allows your suppliers to showcase their product and service offerings, individual competencies and capacities to your internal buyers.  The Impartx Supplier Registry includes the following features;

  • Managed on-boarding of new suppliers
  • Technical and business due-diligence surveys
  • Automated survey scoring
  • Product/Service category management
  • Certificates of insurance tracking
  • Supplier rating system
  • KPI tracking for internal and supplier activity

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