Business Needs Analysis

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In any organization, every new product or service is created in response to a business need.  However, very often there can be a mismatch between the required (by the stakeholders) product and the final product.


Have the Impartx Requirements Engineering Team (IRET) help you discover and define the user expectations for new products/services. We will take account of possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders. All stakeholders will achieve a common understanding of what the product will be and do, there will be no surprises!


Our team will run through 4 types of activity

  1. Eliciting requirements – communicating with customers and users to determine what their requirements are.

  2. Analysis – review the requirements and determining if the stated requirements are unclear, incomplete or even contradictory and then resolving these issues. The requirements can be both business and software.

  3. Requirements modeling – document the requirements in use cases, user stories and mock ups.

  4. Review and retrospective – the  IRET reflect on what happened and identifies actions for improvement.